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As one of the most promising talents in China, the 22 year old producer and band frontman Chace represents the next generation of Asian artists who melds Western influences with their own sound. After breakthrough TV performances, Chace and his music / concerts attracted millions of fans (and elite luxury brands) who sought a different experience than the commercialized pop that dominates the industry. Garnering praise of Vogue, GQ, Esquire, New York Times, and more, Chace is an inspirational example for many domestic aspiring musicians. After an era of commercialized artists from talent agencies, he aims to further the artistic integrity of music in China and sets his eyes on the international stage next year, where he first made his name.


From the small town of Yancheng, Chace taught himself English and music production, songwriting, and voice recording at a young age. By the time he was 15, he could write English songs at a world class level, and caught the eye of some of the most accomplished artists in the world. Chace started playing in international festivals at a very young age, debuting at Tomorrowland at just age 17. He also has performed at many editions of EDC, Ultra, Storm, and other top festivals in Europe, North America, and Asia.


In 2020, Chace continued to expand his international recognition, releasing songs like “Us" that garnered almost 20M total plays in the back half of the year. After the single was signed by the German dance label “Selected," he peaked at over a million monthly listeners on global music platforms like Spotify while also signing a long-term partnership with Live Nation. In addition, Chace and VAVA, one of the biggest rappers in China, released a collaboration EP in an exclusive deal with NetEase music platform. In addition, Chace was selected for long-term partnerships with the W Hotels, Givenchy, and more for the 2021. With a few more collaboration EP's in the works, Chace looks to focus on his own debut album and electronic concert experiences for this upcoming year.

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