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KUN (Cai Xukun) is a Chinese singer, rapper and songwriter, and the China's top artist and powered by overseas fans - dominating Chinese social media with 22 million followers, topped on "Star Power List" for 45 weeks consecutive and now is ranking number 1 of the "Topic List" on Weibo. Leader of Chinese boy group "Nine Percent", the "King of the Stage", KUN, is first Chinese youth idol who made his debut in center position with loads of received awards, including "The Most Popular Potential Singer Award" in 2018 Annual Festival for Asia New Songs, ranked as Top 1 in the Golden Data Entertainment Award, and this year KUN is officially awarded as "China and Jamaica's Goodwill Ambassador and Outstanding Young Leader" by the Jamaican Embassy in Beijing, China. In March 2019, KUN boarded the headline of "Global People", rganized and hosted by the People's Daily, the magazine is China's first person-oriented journal with a global perspective. It is also the largest, most authoritative and influential comprehensive political journal in China. His latest single “Hard To Get" became this hottest issues among Chinese social platforms.

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