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Born and bred in Shanghai, CORSAK is set to become China and Asia’s new leading electronic superstar.

First introduced to the piano at the age of three, music has been a part of CORSAK’s life for as long as he can remember. Honing his craft over the next 12 years, CORSAK became something of a child prodigy, performing across various competitions and showcases all over China. After getting offered a scholarship at one of the better piano schools however, he left everything behind to move to Dongbei, a remote space in the North of China.

After years of hard work and soul-searching, CORSAK found his real passion: electronic music. Swapping out the likes of Chopin and Brahms for Avicii and Steve Angello, he returned home to attend the renowned Shanghai Conservatory of Music, this time to study music design and production. He was instantly hooked, and quickly finding out that he had a knack for creating melody after melody, that same determination and focus that was required from him playing the piano as a kid returned.

CORSAK draws inspiration from both ancient and modern culture from his homeland, with a musical style and signature sound resulting in a unique hybrid of genre-bending melodies with immense commercial potential far beyond the Chinese market.

Few artists have gone further than CORSAK when it comes to dedicating himself to the art of music. His journey has led him to who he is today. His journey has only just begun.

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