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American duo BEAUZ (pronounced bowz) composed of BSY and JSY are versatile classy rockstars who decide their own destiny. Proving themselves to be virtuosos of music production, the duo quickly caught attention from top power players in the industry, landing them multiple official remixes. Most notably, their "Happy Now" remix has become a staple in Zedd's DJ sets. 


In 2019, BEAUZ released the genre-bending "Count The Hours" with Armada, which became viral on Douyin and kicked off the duo’s first international tour spanning across North America and Asia. BEAUZ then collaborated with Spinnin Records to release Feel The Light as the first record on the new imprint Spinnin’ Asia, positioning the duo as the godfathers of Psypop. 


In 2020, BEAUZ hosted the avant garde Blockeley festival featuring a star-studded lineup on Minecraft in collaboration with UC Berkeley and their management, KEYTEM. They released their first EP "BEAUZWORLD Vol. 1", kicking off the BEAUZ IMPERIAL TOUR, stunting the world as the only international artists to deliver world class performances during the pandemic. 


In 2021, BEAUZ participated in the reality show Youth With You 3. Synonymous with a unique brand of music and eluding an impeccable flair in everything they do, BEAUZ will not stop until they sit on the throne.

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