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With a career spanning almost 20 years, including releasing 14 albums and selling over 25 million records in Asia alone, Jolin Tsai has rightfully earned her title as Queen of C-Pop.


Born and raised in Taiwan, Jolin started her career by competing in an MTV singing competition against 3,000 contestants and taking home first place with renditions of songs by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. One year later, the singer-songwriter released her debut album Jolin1019 in 1999. With each new album, Jolin has always been willing to challenge herself and take risks by experimenting and reinventing her image and music. Breaking away from releasing lyrical ballads like her contemporaries, Jolin embraced dance music and creating dance-centric tracks.


Her exploration of the physical elements of music has resulted in elevated music production and served as a catalyst for change within c-pop’s music scene. With artists like Jolin, the future of c-pop and its growing international presence is bright and limitless.

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